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XRF Analyzer for Gold Purity Testing

In the past decade, Gold has plunged year by year to new Highs due to its ease of liquidity and Globally acclaimed as Safest investment mode. As gold Prices have been rising, there is increased demand in need of analyzing the purity of Gold in any given sample. Both for the Jewellers and the Customers, Gold purity is a serious factor.
XRF Spectrometer, which until the yester years were found in the R&D Centers and Labs for analyzing different elements, have found a New Line of Users. Gold Purity Analyzing without the sample being Destructed is possible with XRF Gold Testers. Its fast, Easy, Cost effective and reliable. XRF technology ensures that the Scientific way of testing the metal, gives most accurate results with various Elemental and Quantitative analysis.

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Product Information

Prodcut Information MX-GPC is a versatile XRF Gold Tester, which has best precision levels and priced economically. Maxsell MXGPC gold testing instrument has high resolution detector. Gold purity analysis has real-time monitoring system. Maxsell Gold testing machine's
powerful and yet simple to use Software can make User an expert in no time. Ideal for Jewellery.....
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Product Picture Gallery
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